Fireplace Safety 101

November 17th, 2016

Fireplaces and chimneys are to blame for 42% of home heating fires, and ‘tis the season for cozying up near the glow of embers. With cold weather approaching, taking these three steps will help you stay safe and warm this winter.

  1. Check for damaged brick and mortar. Inspect your chimney and firebox for damages or cracked bricks and deteriorating mortar. If you find issues, click here to build new firebrick using Heat Cast 40.

  2. Sweep it out. Hire a chimney sweep at least once per year to clean out the chimney and inspect for any damages. While you have them there, you might also want to install a chimney cap to keep out any unwanted birds, critters, or debris.

  3. Build smart. Building the fire itself is almost as important as building your fireplace. Place larger logs towards the back of your firebox and always use kindling or smaller logs to ignite the flames rather than flammable liquids. A wire mesh screen or glass fireplace doors are also recommended for optimal fire safety.

If you happen to discover damage to your firebrick or mortar, check out our Youtube videos for simple fixes using Heatstop products to get your home winter-ready. Keeping your fireplace clean and free from cracks is the best way to maintain peace of mind while celebrating the season for peace on earth!  

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