Product Spotlight: HEATCAST 40

July 11th, 2016

HEATCAST 40 is one of our most popular products, intended for use in place of firebrick and able to be cast into custom shapes for several applications.

This is a unique product in that it is able to withstand extreme temperatures, for applications well over 2000°F, and can withstand approximately 1,500 pounds per square inch of cold crushing strength. Regular cement or mortars found in most mortar mixes are able to withstand only up to 600-800°F, even though most residential installations operate well in excess of 800°.

HEATCAST 40 is typically cast 2" thick for replacement of firebrick in a firebox smoke chamber or oven, but can also be cast thicker based on the specific project. Each bag of HEATCAST 40 contains 40 lbs. of product, and you can generally expect to use 20 lbs. per square foot when applying at the recommended 2" thickness.

This product is specially formulated for application in:

  • Woodstoves
  • Hearths
  • Sidewalls
  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Brick Ovens

All Heat Stop products are tested extensively to ensure their ability to withstand temperatures well above 2000°F, assuring code compliance and quality installation. If you have any questions about the uses and requirements of refractory mortar, we can provide the expertise and support needed to ensure code compliance and deliver appropriate products for your projects.

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