Your Guide: How to Use a Pizza (Brick) Oven

March 14th, 2016

Your Guide: Pizza (Brick) Oven

Heat stop refractory mortar products have a range of uses in the installation of firebrick and clay flues, plus in repair or restoration work. For the do it yourself-er, these projects can be especially fun, rewarding and sometimes, challenging.

As we gear up for nicer weather and outdoor parties, the thought of cooking pizzas in a brick oven this spring and summer is certainly a nice one — building your own pizza oven or brick oven is most definitely an achievable project.

What to see some examples of how to cook with your oven?  Watch this video from  Chicago Brick Oven:

Taking the time to craft a well-made pizza oven or brick oven is sure to provide you and your family with years of excellent meals. When you're ready to start building, our Heat Stop family of products will be here to help you reach your goals. And once it's built, don't forget about baking the perfect pizza. 

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