Firebrick Mortar


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Problem: Firebrick Mortar should have heat resistance equal to or better than the firebrick being installed. Homemade or jobsite-prepared mortar mixes that employ various mortar types or cement mixed with fireclay should not be used as firebrick mortar. Building codes now specify firebrick mortar that is called refractory mortar specifically manufactured for this purpose using strict quality controls. This will help to ensure the quality, integrity, and fire safety of your masonry installation.

Solution: Heat Stop Products Heat Stop® brand refractory mortars offer the very best products for firebrick mortar. They meet all of the national building codes and resist temperatures well in excess of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat Stop-II or Heat Stop-50 contain all of the appropriate binders and aggregates to resist extreme temperature variations. In addition they are non-water soluble and therefore may be used for applications inside or outside, may be colored, and are the most economical choice for firebrick mortar.

Other options include some of the same features and are premixed products such as Heat Stop premixed (dark gray) or Domestic Fireplace Mortar® (beige) in a gallon (15 lb.) pail or a 50 lb. pail. For more information or to order click here.