Fireclay Mortar


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Problem: Fireclay mortar mixes prepared at the jobsite do not hold up to temperature changes over time.  Regular cement or mortar of various types found in fireclay mortar mixes only resist temperatures up to 600-800 degrees Fahrenheit, and as the temperature cools the strength of the fireclay mortar diminishes and will deteriorate over time. To meet building code requirements, mortar for the firebrick must be refractory mortar specifically manufactured and tested for this purpose using strict quality controls. This will help to ensure the quality, integrity, and fire safety of your masonry installation.

Solution: Heat Stop Products
Unlike fireclay mortar mixes, Heat Stop® refractory mortar products resist temperatures well above 2000 degrees, helping to ensure building code compliance and a quality installation.  The most popular Heat Stop products include the non-water soluble dry mix Heat Stop-II and Heat Stop-50. Our refractory mortar products contain all of the high temperature resistant binders and aggregates that will prevent expansion that can tear the mortar apart when heated or cooled. Because they are non-water soluble they can be used inside or out in a fireplace, chimney, oven, or similar application.  They may be colored and are the most economical choice for refractory mortar.Other options, which include some of the same features include premixed Heat Stop (dark gray), or Domestic Fireplace Mortar® (beige) in a gallon (15lb.) pail or a 50 lb. Pail.  For more information or to order, click here click here.