Heat Resistant Mortar


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Problem: Traditional mortar or mortar mixed with fireclay is not a good choice for a heat resistant mortar. They contain regular cement or mortar of various types and therefore resist temperatures only up to 600-800 degrees Fahrenheit.  As these traditional mortars cool, the strength diminishes and begins to deteriorate.  National and local building codes now specify special refractory heat resistant mortar to ensure the quality, integrity, and fire safety of your masonry fireplace, chimney, oven, or other installation.

Solution: Heat Stop Products
Our Heat Stop® products resist temperatures well above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, assuring building code compliance and a quality installation. The most popular options are the non-water soluble dry mix Heat Stop-II or Heat Stop-50. These heat resistant mortar products are made from carefully selected high temperature binders and aggregates that will not expand or tear apart when heated or cooled. These heat resistant mortar products are made to exacting specifications, may be colored, and are excellent choices for applications both inside and outside.

Other Heat Stop brand products include Heat Stop premixed and Domestic Fireplace Mortar®. They offer many of the same features and are premixed and ready to use.  Not for exterior use. They are provided in one gallon (15lb.) and 50 lb. pails.  For more information or to order, click here.